MiraBay Homeowner Associations

MyMirabay.net is your source for information on community events and details on who to call for information, questions and concerns. Rizzetta & Company manages the Master Homeowners Association including Anchor Cove and Bay Breeze communities at MiraBay.

If you have not registered for the community online portal, please SIGN UP to receive your login.  Our team will verify your information and issue a login to you within 3-5 business days. Once you have your login you can access HOA documents, architectural application, make a payment and more.

MiraBay HOA Board of Directors
President - Amanda Whitney
Vice President - Chuck Cavaretta
Secretary/Treasurer - Mark Paulsen
Resident Director - Dave Thompson
Resident Director - Vacancy

Bay Breeze HOA Board of Directors
President - Darrell Frappier
Vice President - Kevin Hitson
Secretary - Bruce Maser
Treasurer - Mike Burns

Anchor Cove HOA Board of Directors
Carolyn Allen, Sharon Darling, Ray Monahan and Peter Roggenbaum

Other sub associations such as Seacrest HOA and Compass Pointe Townhomes have a different management company that oversees the enforcement of rules and restrictions.

HOA Event Calendar

Review the calendar for upcoming HOA related events. Learn about the Homeowner's Association by attending an upcoming board of directors meeting or MARC meeting.

For MiraBay Clubhouse events and activities, please reach out to the Club Manager or Amenity Manager.

Holly Faldetta, Amenity Manager – MiraBay Clubhouse
107 Manns Harbor Dr., Apollo Beach, FL 33572
Phone: 813-649-1500 Ext. 128  Email: hfaldetta@mirabayclub.com

Club Manager - Ext. 29 - Mindy Anderson
Activities Director - Ext. 28 - Ashley Adkins



SEACREST HOA. Contacts: Karl Bogolub - Leland Management, Email KBogolub@lelandmanagement.com or Phone 727-213-0545

HOA President - Michael Giamalis, Email gman122797@gmail.com

If you are requesting to submit an alteration request for your property, please go to the MiraBay community portal first to submit your request ONLINE. If you do not have a login, then SIGN UP to receive your login to be able to obtain the application and submit your request. 

If you are requesting a CLOSING or RESALE document for one of the properties on these streets, then please contact Leland Management. Streets in this community include Golden Isles Drive, Sunset Crest Court, Summerside Court, Breakers Lane,  Tides Place, Oceania Court, Latitude Place, and Sela Cove Circle.


Contact information unknown.  Streets in this community include Ibisview Lane, Seagrass Place, Anchor Line Drive and Luminar Pointe Lane.


MiraBay Architectural Requests

MiraBay is a deed-restricted community that is governed by the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements and overseen by the MiraBay Homeowners Association (HOA). When a homeowners purchase a property in MiraBay, they agree to abide by the HOA governing documents which include Architectural Guidelines providing the rules for improving and/or maintaining their home and property.

The HOA Guidelines are meant to ensure that MiraBay remains a premier community. Everyone’s cooperation is needed and greatly appreciated in order to preserve the appeal and aesthetics of the community.

All Homeowners are responsible for being familiar with the MiraBay Architectural Guidelines and follow these when planning for a home exterior change. The communities of Bay Breeze and Sea Crest have an additional set of HOA guidelines that those property owners must adhere to in addition to the MiraBay HOA Guidelines. Residents in these two communities will need to contact their individual HOA for this additional set of guidelines.

ALL exterior changes to a home and/or property, whether it’s the front yard, back yard or side yard, require that the homeowner submit an application to MiraBay Architectural Review Committee (MARC) for review and approval prior to any changes being made. Moving forward with an improvement prior to MARC approval could result in a homeowner incurring additional costs for taking required corrective action. Adding, replacing or removing something on the outside of your property such as PAVERS, DRIVEWAY CHANGES, DECORATIVE CURBING, PAINTING, ROOF REPLACEMENT, SOLAR PANELS, GENERATORS, POOL CAGES, SCREEN ENCLOSURES / LANAIS, WINDOW REPLACEMENT are all examples of projects that require an application.

The MARC committee meets every other week on Thursdays to review applications. The deadline to submit an application is a minimum of one week prior to the next scheduled MARC meeting. The MARC is not responsible for inspection and enforcement as that is handled by the Board and HOA Management Company.

The HOA Guidelines are meant to ensure that MiraBay remains a premier community. Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated in order to preserve the appeal and aesthetics of the community! If you have a question about the application process or how to submit the information for a particular project for your property, it is encouraged to submit your questions to a Rizzetta & Company prior to making any change. Contact Melissa Williams, HOA Administrative Assistant by email mwilliams@rizzetta.com or call 813-533-2931.  If you have not registered for the community online portal, please SIGN UP to receive your login in order to access documents and submit an application online at https://Portal.rizzetta.com

One final note, any requests for removal or replacement of a street is currently under the management of the CDD. Homeowners may not remove trees without written approval and need to select from an approved list of replacement trees. Please reach out to Douglas Ivester, CDD Operations Manager via email fieldops@mirabayclub.com or call 813-649-1500 Ext. 131.  


MiraBay Homeowners Association


Closing Documents / Estoppels

We use HomeWiseDocs to simplify the complex and time consuming tasks of disclosing information for the sale or refinance of properties. Follow the process outlined HERE to submit an order for closing documents for a specific property.

  1. Go to our special website at www.HomeWiseDocs.com  to request Closing Documents including estoppel

    Sign In/Create your account

    • Click Sign In and input your Username and Password
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  5. Click Create Account button mceclip3.png
  6. You're now signed in to your account.

Enter the property address or HOA Name in the search bar under Place New Order

  • Select the appropriate result in the dropdown
  • Confirm your Search Results
    • If searching by HOA Name, input the Property Information and click Verify Address
  • Select the Transaction Type and click Continue

What should I order?

The regulations and statutory requirements for HOA documents vary greatly by state.   To determine which items you should order to meet compliance, please contact one of the parties involved with your transaction such as your Realtor, Lender, or Closing Agent/Attorney. They would be able to advise you on which documents you should order.

What is the TRANSACTION TYPE? A simple guide to understanding the different types of transactions to assist you when placing an order.

  • I'm buying or selling my home: You are either the buyer or the seller of the home related to the real estate transaction.
  • I'm acting on behalf of someone who's buying or selling the home: You are the AGENT (either Closing Agent, Lender, or Realtor) representing the buyer or seller of the real estate transaction.
  • I'm refinancing my home: You are the individual refinancing your home.
  • I'm acting on behalf of someone who's refinancing the home: You are the AGENT (typically Lender) acting on behalf of the person refinancing their home.
  • I'm just looking for HOA docs: You are looking for documents but are not involved in a current real estate transaction for a specific property. Note: selecting this option will greatly limit the items available for ordering.

The Transaction Type selected will affect the items available for ordering. If you still have other questions regarding placing an order, view the FAQ to help assist you

How do I pay for the document order

Credit Card

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Check or Money Order

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