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MiraBay Contact Information

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There are many ways to learn about MiraBay. Do your part to stay informed.

  • Register on harborbaycdd.org for CDD and Clubhouse information. Register on MyMiraBay.net for HOA information. Follow the login instructions. The Covenants are included, as well as many useful points of information.
  • Information boards are posted at the gatehouses.
  • The MiraBay Club posts fliers for social and recreational activities and emails information frequently. If you are not on the email distribution list, contact the Activities Director (information listed below).

General Manager: Margaret Alfano / 813-649-1500 Ext. 31 GM@mirabayclub.com
Lifestyle Manager: Holly Faldetta / 813-649-1500 Ext. 28 hfaldetta@mirabayclub.com
Clubhouse Coordinator: Hillary Loveless / 813-649-1500 Ext. 29 activities@mirabayclub.com
Café Manager: Jen Ashley / 813-649-1500 Ext. 32 jashley@mirabayclub.com MiraBay
Club Reception Team: Reception / 813-649-1500 Ext. 21 reception@mirabayclub.com

CDD Management Office
Club Director Michael Rodriguez Ext. 31

Emergency 911

Fire 911
Sheriff 911
Animal Services 813-744-5660
Bright House 813-684-6400
Envera 877-936-8372
Frontier 800-921-8101
Gas TECO 877-832-6747
HOA Catherine Gangloff 813-497-8139
Mailbox Numbers Southshore Signs (southshoresigns@gmail.com) 813-645-2201
Mosquito Control 813-684-6400 www.hillsboroughcounty.org
Non Emergency Sheriff 813-247-8200
Park Square 813-497-8130
Recycling www.hillsboroughrecycles.org 813-272-5680
Sea Crest HOA Karl Bogolub, Leland Management 727-213-0545
Spectrum 813-684-6400
Tampa Electric TECO 813-223-0800
Waste Services 813-248-2820
Water 813-272-6680
Send an email including your name and phone number to info@hillsboroughcounty.org or call (813) 635-5400.