Mirabay Community Garage Sale

Mirabay residents are able to set up in their own driveway for one-day only on Saturday Nov. 20 for a garage/yard sale on their property. The Mirabay entrance gate will be opened for the day to non residents to be able to participate in shopping at the sale. CDD Staff will also be at the main entrance to MiraBay handing out a list of addresses participating. This is not an HOA event but rather the CDD has organized it. The HOA kindly asks that any bulky items not sold after the sale be properly stored away out of sight, taken to a donation center or disposed of at a waste center for bulky items. Any questions on this event, contact Jen Ashley – CDD Resident Services Manager at 813.649.1500 Ext. 25 or Email activities@mirabayclub.com


Nov 20 2021


8:00 am - 5:00 pm