Anchor Cove Townhomes HOA Board of Directors

  • President: Peter Roggenbaum
  • Vice President: Carolyn Allen
  • Treasurer: Leslie Jacon Wolfe
  • Secretary: Sharon Darling
  • Director: Lisa Ruscitti

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please complete the CANDIDATE FORM and submit it to the HOA management contact listed on the form.

Rizzetta & Company manages the HOA. The primary contact person is the Community Association Manager – DENISE SHREAVES – Email Phone 813-533-2950 extension 9478.

Anchor Cove Governing Documents 

Anchor Cove Townhomes at MiraBay is a deed-restricted community with 36 TOWNHOMES that is governed by the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements. In addition, there are also governing documents that apply to the master MiraBay Homeowners Association (HOA). When a homeowners purchase a property in any part of MiraBay, they agree to abide by the HOA’s governing documents which includes Architectural Design Guidelines that determine standards for the maintenance of their property. All Homeowners are responsible for reading and understanding these governing documents of both ANCHOR COVE and MIRABAY.

Flood Insurance Policy

Potential Buyers interested in an Anchor Cove Townhomes property, must reach out prior to obtain a transfer forms PRIOR to property sale in order to ensure there is proper transfer of the flood policy to a new buyer. The HOA governing documents require the HOA to acquire the flood insurance policy through FEMA and building coverage for each unit.

The current owner and prospective buyer must complete the Policy ASSUMPTION FORM prior to closing in order for the existing flood policy to transfer properly to the new owner within 30 days of closing. The title company or closing agent must contact the insurance agent in order to ensure the forms are submitted to the insurance carrier.

Contact the insurance agent with PLEXUS GROUPE by calling (813) 685-8125 or contact Jessica Currie by email

If you are making a new purchase of a townhome unit:
Please send an email to our insurance agent at
and provide the following information:
1) The townhome address you are purchasing
2) The buyer name(s), and a contact phone number and email address for the buyer.

The National Flood Insurance Program requires occupancy confirmation. Please indicate in your request whether the townhome will be your residence 50% or more
of the year, less than 50%, or if it will be a rental property. If you will have a mortgage on your townhome, please provide the mortgagee name
and address and your loan number to be listed on the policy. Once all information is received, any necessary signatures will be collected via
electronic signature to issue a policy in your name.

If you are an existing townhome unit owner:
If you have a flood insurance policy written through your own insurance agent, please email to request a copy of the policy
provided by the Association. Any personal flood policy you have should only include Contents Coverage and be paid for individually as the HOA
will not be responsible for insuring the contents of the townhome. If you have any questions, please contact the insurance agent with The Plexus Groupe.

Leasing Restrictions for Anchor Cove at MiraBay

Prospective Buyers or Rental Agents should review the LEASING PACKET in its entirety as well as the MiraBay Declaration BEFORE any purchasing decision. The owner or rental agent is responsible for providing the tenants with a copy of the governing documents including these rules and restrictions to ensure the resident complies as part of their lease agreement. 



No person may rent a Residence unless they have a written lease. No lease may be for a shorter period than twelve (12) months. All tenants, occupants and guests must abide by the DECLARATIONS, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of MiraBay Homeowner’s Association, Inc. (“MiraBay”).

Article IX, Section 9.03 Leasing of Residences of the MiraBay Declaration requires owners to provide information as the Board may require regarding their tenants within ten (10) days after the execution of the lease. The LEASING PACKET must be completed with owner and tenant signatures.

Occupancy of a residence is limited to a single family, or a maximum of two persons and their respective children. In no event shall occupancy of a residence be greater than two persons per bedroom. See, Article IX, Section 9.02 of the MiraBay Declaration. Refer to Article IX, Sections 9.11, 9.12 and 9.13 of the Declaration regarding the type of vehicles permitted in MiraBay and parking.

If you have a question about the application process, please contact DENISE SHREAVES by email or call 813-533-2950 ext. 9478.


Anchor Cove Parking Policy

Vehicle Registration Form

Please be aware that the HOA intends to monitor and enforce these parking rules. Violators will be notified first by placing a warning sticker or notice on the vehicle.  Vehicle owners will incur the expense if vehicles are towed.

Anchor Cove’s Association grants board members and/or community managers authority to tow cars, trucks, or trailers that are illegally parked in an HOA parking area or roadway.

OWNERS & RESIDENTS must comply with submitting the VEHICLE REGISTRATION FORM and return this promptly to management.

RESIDENTS can park in these designated areas:

  • Property’s garage or driveway. No portion of your vehicle can impede the alley, as emergency vehicles, as well as the garbage/recycling trucks, must be able to reach the end units. Vehicles that are seen to impede emergency vehicles or trash collection may be subject to immediate towing.
  • Overflow parking space is located in the clubhouse parking lot next to the back gate by the pool. A RESIDENT PARKING BY PERMIT ONLY space is designated on the Harbor Bay CDD parking lot per the deed of the property owner that designates one of these spaces.

RESIDENTS/OWNERS may NOT park in these areas that will be subject to towing:

  • Parking spaces in front of the units – These are for VISITOR/GUEST only.
  • Alleys and areas on streets other than designated areas for guests.
  • Across any portion that impedes a sidewalk
  • Parked on any grassy area.
  • Handicapped parking space for VISITORS ONLY is located next to 123 Aberdeen Pond Drive. Residents who are using HANDICAP spaces daily may also be subject to towing. Those who own multiple vehicles should be using their garage and driveway only to park their vehicles including those with a handicap tag. If you are choosing to use the garage as storage and have more vehicles than what can fit on your driveway, then you should park extra vehicles in the overflow parking spaces located in the clubhouse parking lot.

The towing company will not comply with resident requests to tow a vehicle for legal and liability reasons. Contact the management company or a Board Member to share a complaint about a vehicle that may be in violation. It is requested to provide a dated photo along with vehicle make/model/color and tag information for enforcement. A request without the required information will delay enforcement before a vehicle can be towed. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions about this policy, contact Anchor Cove Community Association Manager – DENISE SHREAVES – by email or call 813-533-2950 ext. 9478.

Association Homeowners Web Portal  

If you have not registered for the community online portal, please SIGN UP to receive your login.  Our team will verify your information and issue a login to you within 3-5 business days. Once you have your login you can access HOA documents, architectural application, make a payment and more. Tenants are not members of the association and do not have community portal access to HOA account.

HOA Portal Login Guide Instructions

Instructions for online HOA payment

MiraBay Clubhouse

Clubhouse Address: 107 Manns Harbor Dr., Apollo Beach, FL 33572
Phone (813) 649-1500
Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Once you are an owner in MiraBay, bring a copy of the warranty deed and/or closing statement showing you are the property owner to the Mirabay Clubhouse so they can provide you with gate access.
  • Owners with lease agreements must provide a signed lease agreements to both the HOA and the CDD management staff before gate access is provided.
  • Only 12-month term leases are acceptable per the community restrictions.

Closing Documents / Estoppels

We use HomeWiseDocs to simplify the complex and time consuming tasks of disclosing information for the sale or refinance of properties. Follow the process outlined HERE to submit an order for closing documents for a specific property.

  1. Go to our special website at  to request Closing Documents including estoppel

    Sign In/Create your account

    Click Sign In and input your Username and Password
    If you don’t have an account, click Sign Up and register with HomeWiseDocs.

  2. Click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner of the homepage mceclip1.png

Exterior Alterations 

In ANCHOR COVE, properties include the maintenance of the lawn, landscaping and irrigation covered under assessments. Therefore, a contracted vendor is to provide these services. Homeowners may not remove or replace landscaping without Board Approval.  

TREES within the ANCHOR COVE should not be removed nor replaced unless HOA has authorized the removal.  If a tenant has a request to alter the exterior of the property this will need to be discussed directly with the owner who must submit the ALTERATION APPLICATION before making any exterior alteration to the property.  We can only accept applications from the current owner. New owners that about to close on a home would need to wait until they can provide a new warranty deed before they can submit the alteration application. Property owners must adhere to the MiraBay Architectural Guidelines.

These Guidelines are meant to ensure that MiraBay remains a premier community. Exterior changes to a home require that the homeowner submit an application to MiraBay Architectural Review Committee (MARC) for review prior to any change being made. Moving forward with the change prior to MARC approval could result in a homeowner incurring additional costs for taking required corrective action to comply with guidelines.

The application will be reviewed by the management company to determine if it meets the guideline requirements before it gets added to the agenda for an upcoming MARC meeting.

The MARC committee meets every other week on Thursdays to review applications. The deadline to submit an application is a minimum of one week prior to the next scheduled MARC meeting. Please submit the application via online Portal website

If you have a question about the application process, please contact Rizzetta & Company, Melissa Williams email or call  813-533-2931. 

The MARC is not responsible for inspection and enforcement as that is handled by the  HOA’s Management Company. Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated in order to preserve the appeal and aesthetics of the community!